Select from NVS™
Disposable Coverall with Hood

The Select from NVS coverall is manufactured from a polypropylene laminate comprising a fibrous spunbond nonwoven and liquid repellent film. The fabric is a durable thermally bonded nonwoven material. Manufactured to offer protection from dry particulates and low hazard spray, the material is abrasion resistant and the nonwoven layer is soft to the touch.

Key Features

Codes and Sizes

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  • Overalls with hood, front zip fastening with overflap. Elastic cuffs and ankles.
  • Material: 53gsm Polypropylene laminate (35gsm Spunbond Polypropylene + 18gsm Liquid repellent PE film).

Level of Protection

This coverall is designed to protect workers from hazardous substances, or sensitive products and processes from contamination by people. It is typically used, depending on chemical toxicity and exposure conditions, for protection against fine particles (Type 5) and limited liquid splashes or sprays (Type 6).

A full-face mask with filter appropriate for the exposure conditions and tightly connected to the hood and additional taping around the hood, cuffs, ankles and zipper flap are required to achieve the claimed protection.

Storage & Disposal

The garments have an expected shelf life of 5 years from date of manufacture provided that they are stored out of direct sunlight in a cool and dry room. Used coveralls should be disposed of in line with the organizations waste management protocols. Disposal of contaminated garments is regulated by national or local laws.