Select from NVS™ Adhesive Bandage Removal Spray

For fast, painless and atraumatic removal of adhesives from skin.

Since launching in 2015, Select from NVS™ has proven to be the preferred and trusted consumable brand for many of our customers so we are excited to announce another fabulous new product to this range.

Our Select from NVS Adhesive Bandage Remover is odour free and hypoallergenic, leaving the skin residue free and ready for re-dressing. This proven silicone-based technology gently releases adhesive dressings in seconds without causing pain or trauma to the animal.

Silent spray technology to avoid causing distress to the animal.

Releases dressings from skin, hair and fur

Hypoallergenic and odour free

Sting free, even on broken skin

Sprays at any angle

Dries in seconds with no residue

Does not affect the adhesion of the next dressing

Available in 50ml and 200ml spray bottles

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