Dog Travel Accessories

There are now more opportunities than ever to take your dog on holiday or for days out due to the increase in pet friendly accommodation, eating establishments and places of interest.

However, if you are travelling with your dog it is vitally important to ensure they are transported as safely and comfortable as possible. Below you will find a selection of accessories that include car harnesses, seat belts, travel water bowls, first aid kits and pet mats.

Company of Animals Clix Care Safe

Company of Animals, Clix CarSafe harness has been developed to provide maximum safety, comfort and protection for your dog travelling in the car, as well as on a walk.

Ancol Harness and ISO-Fix Seat Belt

Ancol car safety products are designed to keep your dog safely secure in your car, whilst being perfected for taking them on a walk.


Travel Accessories

Here you will find other essential travel products that include first aid kits for pets and collapsible water bowl to keep your furry friend hydrated.


Here are a selection of Henry Wag travel accessories that includes their Noodle Pet Mat, Travel Bowl, Drying Coat and the a bag to house all of your travel gear.