Grooming and Hygiene

Currently taking your pet to the professional groomers is not an option, therefore it is vital for your pet’s health and wellbeing to keep up with regular grooming at home. The key areas to focus on should your pet be comfortable with you doing this are coat brushing, ear and eye cleaning, nail clipping and bathing occasionally to stay clean and germ free.

It may be that due to self-isolation, living restrictions and exercise restrictions you are unable to take your dog outside for the toilet regularly, then kennel liners/puppy pads can be used for indoor toileting. Also it might be worth considering diets specially formulated to maintain urinary tract health.

Nail Trimming

  • Mikki Nail Clipper Large: 806742
  • Mikki Nail Clipper Small A/Mal: 807886
  • Mikki Nail Clipper Small: 806511
  • Mikki Nail File Double Sided: 807217

Brushes & Combs

  • Furminator Cat SML Short Hair & Long Hair: 604264 / 604276
  • Furminator Dog MED Short: 604367
  • Furminator Small Animal: 604422
  • Zoom Groom Cat: 16482
  • Zoom Groom Pink (Soft): 864018

Eye & Ear Cleaners

  • For All Dogkind Tear Cleaner: 597405
  • Ear Cleaner Select: 929487

Kennel Liners

  • Kennel & Cage Liners 60x40cm PK25: 769514
  • Kennel & Cage Liners 75x75cm PK25: 769526
  • Kennel & Cage Liners 90x60cm PK25: 769538
Larger bulk packs available in 100s

Shampoos & Conditioners

  • Animology Fox Poo Dog Shampoo: 808751
  • Animology Puppy Love Shampoo: 809597
  • Pethead Dirty Talk Shampoo: 337201

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