For many pets, the lockdown during Covid-19 has been as much of an upset to their daily routines as it has for us, with an increase in people in the household creating a very different environment likely causing stress and anxiety for some pets. There are a number of calming or soothing products that can really help to settle distressed pets and put them at ease. Spotify has recently launched ‘My Dog’s Favorite Podcast’ which has a range of sounds designed to encourage relaxation.


  • Adaptil Calm Diffuser and Refill: 912761
  • Adaptil Calm Refill: 912773


  • Feliway Diffuser Pack: 112057
  • Feliway Refill: 112069

Pet Remedy

  • Pet Remedy Diffuser and Refill: 603922
  • Pet Remedy Mini Calming Spray: 763482
Pet Remedy


  • Zylkene Caps 450mg: 750712
  • Zylkene Caps 225mg: 750700


  • Yucalm Cat Caps PK30: 914769
  • Yucalm Tabs PK30: 810824
  • Yucalm Tabs PK60: 811282
  • Yucalm Tabs PK120: 81168
YuCalm Dog & YuCalm Cat

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