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Serene UM® naturally calms and helps pacify pets without the need for tranquilisers. Serene UM® helps pets to stay calm through stressful events such as home alone, Fireworks, Thunderstorms, Hyperactivity, Travel Anxiety without sedating or impairing learning systems in the brain. This means it not only helps them at the time but also aids the learning process so they can cope better in the future.

The research shows that many of our small animas pet are experiencing unnecessary long term stress:

✓ Naturally Calms and soothes to help your pet with bonding.
✓ Added Chamomile and lemon balm to help ease stress & anxiety.
✓ Ginger oil to support relaxation
✓ Essential amino acid L Tryptophan to support the nervous system.
✓ Deliciously tasty bites
✓ Only 4 calories per bite
✓ No artificial colour or flavours
✓ No added sugar
✓ Soya free
✓ 18 yummy servings

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Health Treats Calming helps reduce anxiety during stressful situations such as a new home, training, travel, grooming, staying in kennels, home alone, a trip to the vet, fireworks and loud noises.

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