Dog Rocks

For lots of people summer means the chance to take a well-earned break outdoors, and few things are as lovely as a British garden. Pet owners can be faced with a less than green lawn however, with the nitrates in urine causing significant damage to grass. That’s where Dog Rocks can be handy; formulated to help prevent scorch marks, they help ensure that the grass really could be greener…

Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks are a cost effective and natural product for keeping your lawn free from urine burn marks.
The minerals in the igneous stone cause a magnetic charge in water and in turn cause an ion exchange. Impurities in the water such as tin, nitrates and ammonia are absorbed leaving it in a purified state for your pet.

As they drink Dog Rock water, less nitrates enter their bodies meaning their urine causes no burn marks. An overload of nitrates causes these dead patches on your lawn.

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