Separation Anxiety

We love to feel the connection between human and animal, but for some pets it can be problematic when that bond is temporarily disrupted. Separation anxiety is extremely common, and a surge in cases has been reported post-lockdown. It’s a real worry for many owners as they return to work after such a long period of confinement, and the behaviours associated with separation anxiety can be difficult to manage. Fortunately, many products are available to help; from toys and games to offer distraction, sprays to enhance relaxation, and bedding for that extra comfort, we can help.

Separation Anxiety Toys



Calming Clothing



Just like humans, animals can develop anxiety. Far from being an enemy, anxiety is a friend; it’s a natural survival instinct to protect against threat. But all too often those threats are just anticipated or perceived, and can be very distressing to both animals and owners.

Help is at hand; our comprehensive range of treats, supplements and specialised clothing can all help to change the way our animals feel. Used in conjunction with veterinary advice, pets and their owners can feel a whole lot calmer.

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