Needles & Syringes

Select from NVS Hypodermic Needles

Our high quality, sharp siliconised needles are manufactured in Germany for NVS by Henk-Saas Wolf GmbH, our needles are produced using high quality stainless steel ensuring excellent performance. Sharp precision lancet points providing consistent low penetration load of needle and skin.

777870 21G x 5/8″
777882 23G x 5/8″
777894 25G x 5/8″
BD Disposable Needles

The BD Microlance™ 3 Needles are designed for easy penetration, smooth gliding force during insertion/withdraw and reduced cannula friction while sliding through tissue.

27770816G x 1.5″
90583518G x 1.5″
90582319G x 1″
90783219G x 1.5″
23478319G x 2″
90391720G x 1″
90581120G x 1.5″
90579321G x 1.5″
21673221G x 2″
89508821G x 5/8″
29546223G x 1″
89513123G x 1.25″
93549923G x 5/8″
89515525G x 5/8″
27769127G x 0.5″


Barber Reusable Needles

For veterinary and livestock applications. Fully sterilisable needles made from high quality stainless steel.

37736313G x 2″
37737514G x 0.75″
37738714G x 1.25″
37739914G x 1.5″
37740516G x 1.5″
Allflex Reusable Luer Needles

For veterinary and livestock applications. Fully sterilisable needles made from high quality stainless steel.

21166713G x 1.75″
26997916G x 0.5″
82328416G x 0.75″
82364816G x 1″
82374018G x 0.5″
82325918G x 0.75″
82326018G x 1″
Select from NVS 3 Part Syringes PK100

Our range of high quality 3 part disposable syringes are an ideal partner for our hypodermic needles and are all non-toxic, latex and pyrogen free.

9086171ML Centric Luer Slip LDS
7979841ML Centric Luer Slip
7979962ML-3ML Centric Luer Slip
7980095ML Centric Luer Slip
79801010ML Side Tip Luer Slip
79802220ML Side Tip Luer Slip
79803430ML Side Tip Luer Slip
Termuo 3 Part Syringes

The syringes are designed to be safe, convenient and represent the current state of the art in modern injection technology. Carefully selected materials

– free from PVC or natural rubber latex
– together with a controlled production process result in products of excellent quality and performance.

801355 50ML Side Tip Luer Slip
908289 50ML Catheter Tip
BD Emerald 3 Part syringes

The BD Emerald Syringe For General Purpose Use—as well as the entire BD Emerald product line—has been produced in a more sustainable manner. Because its design has up to 30% less material than other syringes, it also helps to reduce waste disposal.

7651072ML Centric Luer Slip
3552393ML Centric Luer Slip
7651195ML Centric Luer Slip
35522710ML Side Tip Luer Slip
76512010ML Centric Luer Slip
BD 3 Part syringes

3-Piece Design with Latex-Free Stopper – Latex-free stopper prevents leakage of medication around the plunger and acts as an indicator for measuring the syringe contents.

(3ml pack of 200, 20ml pack of 120, 30ml – 50ml pack of 25)

3735391ML Luer Lock
7889951ML Luer Slip
5047253ML Luer Lock
24265210ML Luer Lock
22729820ML Catheter Tip
6891320ML Side Tip Luer Slip
82347830ML Side Tip Luer Slip
84544950ML Catheter Tip
27495150ML Luer Lock
82345450ML Side Tip Luer Slip
Sol-Millenium 3 Part Syringes

Syringes from 5 ml to 60 ml are made from polypropylene. DEHP and PVC- free, not made with natural latex. High transparency barrel – makes it easy to see syringe content. Silicone lubrication – ensures smooth plunger movement. Safe plunger backstop – prevents accidental withdrawal of plunger.

(30 – 60ml Pack of 50)

9141131ML Luer Lock P/Prop
9141255ML Luer Lock 
91413710ML Luer Lock 
91414920ML  Luer Lock
91684530ML  Luer Lock 
91685760ML Luer Lock
BD Discardit 2 Part Syringes

The BD Discardit II syringe is a medical single use product for injection and/or aspiration of medical fluids, including both, corporal fluids (blood, etc) and drugs. The lubricant included in the barrel material allows for a smooth advancement of the plunger without the need of a rubber ring.

(20ml Pack of 80)

8469222ML Centric Luer Slip
8470455ML Side Tip Luer Slip
84714810ML Side Tip Luer Slip
3217720ML Side Tip Luer Slip
Sol-Millenium 2 Part Syringes

High transparency barrel – makes it easy to see syringe content. Safe plunger backstop – prevents accidental withdrawal of plunger. Smooth plunger movement – reduces slide resistance. Black graduation scale – provides ideal contrast and readability. Made of polypropylene and polyethylene. DEHP, PVC- free, not made with natural latex rubber. Sterile and single-use.

3719192ML Centric Luer Slip
3719205ML Side Tip Luer Slip
37193210ML Side Tip Luer Slip

Paragon Flutter Valve

The Paragon Flutter Valve is used for applying injections to animals. The Flutter valve is aimed for administration of metabolic products from plastic and glass bottles for cattle.

825347Paragon Flutter Valve
807308Paragon Flutter Valve Needle Mount

Sharps Containers

366882 4 litre Sharps container
98681 7 litre Sharps container
366870 13 litre Sharps container
372286 24 litre Sharps container

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