KRUUSE Cow-Side Mastitis Strips

KRUUSE Cow-side Mastitis Strips provide an easy and effective screening of LDH levels in milk. LDH tends to rise earlier than SCC (somatic cell count) which gives the benefit of identifying sub-clinical mastitis at an earlier stage enabling further diagnostic testing to ensure that correct management is initiated.

620488 Pack of 50


CMT liquid is an accurate and inexpensive method of determining the cell count in milk. For use with the CMT Test Paddle

178391 1 Litre
20072 Test Paddle

Aggers Fresh Cow (700g)

For freshly calved cows as an aid in the reduction of the risk of milk fever and ketosis.

145038Pack of 12

Aggers Pro Calcium (600ml)

Aggers Pro Calcium oral drench is excellent in reducing the risk of milk fever.

723307Pack of 12

Provita Bovical (500ml)

Provita BoviCal is an oral drench that aids in the reduction of milk fever. It is released over a period of 12 hours, therefore avoiding a large spike followed by a drop of calcium levels in the blood. It supplies 3.1MJ of glucoplastic energy to support the liver. It is exceptionally palatable and is readily accepted by the cow. The unique soft bottle design allows for quick and easy drenching. For use immediately before or after calving and before recumbency.

501773 500ml

Agrimin 24/7 Calcium Bolus 203g

A short term, sustained release bolus containing calcium. Intended for use in adult dairy cows, over 400 kg liveweight, at calving.

929554 Pack of 12

Agrimin Cattle Bolus Applicator

For the application of Agrimin 24/7 Calcium Bolus 203g


Alltrace Dry Cow Bolus

ALL-TRACE® DRY COW helps farmers manage the trace element status of their herd during the dry period. A sustained release bolus containing six trace elements and three vitamins. Designed for grazing or forage fed dry dairy cows and dairy heifers with a liveweight over 400kg.

368477 Pack of 20

Intra Repiderma Inspection Mirror

The Intra Repiderma Inspection Mirror makes it easy and safe to examine the udder, enabling you to get a clear image of the skin of the udder.


Muscle Rub – Uddermint (500ml)

Peppermint oil composition provides cooling and soothing relief to the swollen udder of cows. Can be used to clean the udder and assists every therapy providing additional care. After only a few days of application the udder tissue regains its natural resistance. Regular application helps to keep the udder healthy and improves the milk quality. Natural product made without antibiotics or steroids.

357030 500ml

Udder Cream (BHB)

The original udder cream. A readily absorbent cream to maintain good udder condition and aid in the treatment of chaps and sores. Has been used successfully in milking parlours for decades!

19203 400g
753750 5kg

Udder Wipes

For the routine cleansing of the udder and teats prior to milking. Simple and hygienic to use, these medicated wipes contain both cetrimide and chlorhexidine to help prevent the transfer of bacteria, especially via the milker’s hands. There is also lanolin included in the formulation to ensure that the udder and teats are maintained in excellent condition with additional protection against soreness and chapping. Each canister contains 160 full-sized wipes.

559763 Pack of 160

Brown Salve

A soothing udder grease offering protection against summer fly irritation in dry cows and heifers.

381615 4kg

Teat Plugs HS

A pack of 10 H.S teat plugs which are to be used during dry cow therapy to dry off cows before calving. The teat plugs will prevent infection developing into the teat and will act as a plug until calving time. These teat plugs are vital in helping to prevent cows from getting mastitis.

372195 Pack of 10

Bovivet Teat Dilators

Diam. 5.5 mm, length 35 mm, individually packed in plastic tube with lubricating gel, red obdurator to be removed when milking.

370022Pack of 5 x 10

Teat Milk Tube

A milk tube that is designed to be indwelling within the teat, to allow milk flow. Can be used for draining milk. Size: 8.9cm (3 1/2″)


Vet Way Surgical Spirit

Vet-Way Surgical Spirit is a premium, BP grade formula containing both analgesic and antiseptic properties.

590265 1 Litre
590253 500ml

Cotton Wool Balls BP (ROB)

553694Pack of 200

Cotton Wool Robinsons


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