Marking and Identification

Marksman Aerosol

Approved by the British Wool Marketing Board, Marksman marker spray has provided farmers with a reliable sheep marking solution for more than 20 years. Available in seven vibrant colours: Red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple and black. Weather resistant and fully scourable, rapid drying formulation and works on both wet and dry fleeces.

724725 Black
724671 Blue
724683 Green
724695 Orange
724713 Purple
724658 Red
724701 Yellow

Flexmark Crayon Harness

Flexmark Ram Crayon Harness for use with Flexmark all weather and cold weather crayons. Only the brightest ewes get Flexmark. The Flexmark Harness has been specifically designed for comfort and ease of use. The harness moulds to the body of the ram and thus helps prevent chafing whilst securely holding the crayon firmly in place. The harness helps to protect your investment in your breeding stock whilst providing an accurate mark.


Flexmark Crayon All Weather

The Flexmark All Weather Crayon. Only the brightest ewes get Flexmark! Brighter, Clearer AND Longer Lasting. Available in lots of great colours too. When used in conjunction with the Flexmark Harness, Flexmark All Weather Marking Crayons leave a Clear, Bright and Long Lasting mark. Making it easier to keep track of your breeding stock during the mating season. Fully Wool Board approved as scourable and available in a wide range of colours and All Weather or Cold Weather variants, Flexmark ram crayons are outstanding in the field.

585129 Blue
376085 Green
376097 Orange
585117 Purple
376073 Red

Tail Tape

High quality tail-tape that provides an instant visual aid for cows under observation. 50m (165ft) of high quality tail-tape that provides an instant visual aid for cows under observation. 7-colours to choose from: blue, green, red, white, yellow, brown or black.

371038 Black
570813 Blue
547980 Green
547992 Red
571301 White
570801 Yellow

Cow Leg Bands Nylon Mixed Colours

Hook-and-loop, top quality nylon leg bands. Simply wrap around the cow’s leg and press it together for quick, temporary identification. To remove, grasp and pull. Easy to clean and completely reusable. Leg bands may be written on with a standard tag marker if required.

379037 Pack 10

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