Milk, Colostrum & Nutritional Support

Lamlac Ewe Milk

Designed for use as a complete replacement for ewe’s milk. A pale to dark cream coloured powder which mixes instantly in cold or warm water. The product has a creamy/vanilla aroma. Ideal for bottle feeding, ad-lib feeding systems and some machine feeding systems
which require an instant mixing powder. Protein – 24%, Oil – 24%, Ash – 7%, Fibre – 0%

371725 20KG
843647 10KG

Volostrum Lamb Sachets

A natural alternative to colostrums to be fed whenever ewe colostrum is unavailable or in short supply. A vital energy boost, easy to mix and 100% natural.

820763 Pack of 10

SCA Shepherdess (Provimi)

Provimi ProviMilk Shepherdess Milk Replacer is easily mixed and highly palatable. Suitable for all rearing systems; machine, bucket and bottle feeding. Contains the unique NuStart gut conditioner: 15% higher growth rate.

25823 5KG
25847 10KG
25859 20KG

SCA Lambkin (Provimi)

Lambkin Ewe Milk Replacer is a nutritious milk supplement, essential for promoting optimum health in young or orphaned lambs. The replacer contains high levels of skimmed milk powder for feeding to milk deprived lambs in need of nourishment. Suitable for bucket and bottle rearing.


Nettex Whole Colostrum for Lambs

A colostrum blend, targeted for the larger breed, providing energy and support to newborn lambs. Easy to mix and easily absorbed palatable formulation. Feed when no or insufficient maternal colostrum is available. Specially formulated, Whole Colostrum for Lambs contains more energy than other colostrum replacers.


Collate Ultra Concentrate Colost Lamb

High quality, easy-mix first day colostrum providing energy and support to weak and small lambs. Ultra Concentrate mimics the ewe’s own colostrum in every way possible and should be used when no or insufficient maternal colostrum is available.

37764825g x 20

Provita Lamb Colostrum Sachet

Provita Lamb Colostrum is an alternative to natural colostrum for newborn lambs. It contains natural EU sourced dried colostrum and a high level of egg powder which help protect the newborn lamb.  Provita Lamb Colostrum also helps lambs by providing a readily available supply of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins. The form of carbohydrate will rapidly raise the lamb’s blood sugar level, giving the lamb energy to maintain body temperature and to get up and suckle quickly. It mixes easily in luke-warm water.

57086250g x 12

Collate Lamb Kick Start (25D)

A rapid energy boost for small, weak and growing lambs. Lamb Kick Start is a glucogenic energy source to aid the elevation of blood glucose levels in weak lambs. The addition of key ingredients in this supplement ensures it is especially formulated to support lambs in the critical first few days of life. Easy to administer Lamb Kick Start supports fading lambs with rapidly available energy, aiding suckling.


Twin Lamb Solution

Twin Lamb Solution is a fast working, energy complex for ewes carrying multiple lambs. A 45ml dose will provide a ewe with the energy she requires quickly. Exhausted ewes can show improvement in only a few hours.


Twin Lamb Drench (Battles)

A fast acting, energy rich drench to protect against, and support Twin Lamb Disease. Contains a combination of two valuable energy sources to offer the ewe an instant energy boost, as well as a sustained energy supply. Also contains a bioavailable source of calcium for protection against hypocalcaemia.


Collate Twin Lamb Drench Rapid

Gets ewes up and feeding within hours! Multi Lamb Rapid is a fast working, energy complex for ewes carrying multiple lambs.


Cobalt Selenium & B12 Back Pack

Unlock performance potential with this specific trace element and vitamin supplement for cattle, sheep and lambs. Cobalt is essential for growth and development of young stock and has important implications for fertility.  Animals deficient in cobalt and selenium will under-perform.


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