Lambing Aids

Lambing Rope 1 Loop

Nylon lambing rope with a single loop.
Size all 4mm.

928458 WHITE
376851 RED
376863 YELLOW
376875 GREEN
376887 BLUE

Lambing Rope 2 Loop

Nylon lambing rope with double loop.
Size all 4mm.

814994 WHITE
376899 RED
376905 YELLOW
376917 GREEN
376929 BLUE

Gambrel Restrainer

Gambrel Restrainer is the easy and simple way to restrain and hold sheep, It’s an essential aid for lambing, holding, foot trimming, treatment and transportation. Easy to use and quick to fit.

848724 Large

Ewe Prolapse Retainer (Plastic)

For internal uterine support to help prevent ewe prolapses.

371622 Pack of 4

Ewe Truss (Prolapse Harness)

A ewe truss that helps prevent uterine prolapse.


DAL Lambing Aid

Lightweight and durable essential lambing aid.


Lambing Snare

A simple lambing tool used primarily to hold the lambs head in the correct position for birthing.


Nylon Suture Tape

5 Metre Length

832145 6mm
813837 3mm

Vulva Needle (Suture) 6″

Suture Needle Half Curve 6″
(Pack of 2)


Iodine Strong 10%

10% Iodine solution is widely used in the farming and veterinary industries. It is the product of choice for drying wounds and disinfecting the navel area on lambs and calves to prevent bacteria entering their bodies soon after birth.

463061 500ML

Iodine Pump Spray

This convenient and ready to use pump spray was designed to ensure an easy and quick way for this product to be applied, straight from being delivered.

25951 10% Spray 500ML

Iodine Weak 2.5%

Iodine 2.5% weak solution suitable for general disinfection. Comes in a 500ml bottle.

8597342.5% 500ML

Lamb Adoption Musk

An aerosol spray that helps to eliminate rejection during fostering. It works by neutralising the odours of the ewe and lamb. Allows orphaned lambs to be adopted by another ewe.

25902 200ML

Select Lubricating Gel

Lubricating Gel, a thick general purpose lubrication gel used for animal husbandry, it contains a preservative which is

550450 2.5L
550462 500ML

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