Feeding Equipment

Lamb Feeder Bottle & Non Vac Teat

Lamb feeder bottle complete with teat. The Lamb Feeder Bottle is a must have piece of equipment come lambing season, the Ritchey Lamb Feeding Bottle comes complete with a soft, screw-on, non-vac teat, and is the perfect tool for hand rearing new born lambs.


Lamb Feeder (One Catheter)

60ml syringe and catheter for feeding weakly lambs.


Lamb Feeder Tube

A spare plastic catheter for use with syringes.


Emergency Lamb Feeder

The Ritchey Emergency Stomach Feeders For Lambs is ideal to have on standby for an emergency, where a newborn calf or lamb is unable to get the glucose or colostrum they need. Designed to go gently into the stomach, it is easy to keep hygienically clean. It has also been safeguarded in order to prevent the feeder from entering the windpipe by mistake.


Lamb Teat SCA

The Shepherdess Spare Teat is great for having in your animal care kit, ready for lambing season when the small animals need a little helping hand. The pull-on rubber teat will fit securely onto most feeding bottles, in a durable and hard-wearing design that will last long after your lambs have moved onto solid food. Durable rubber teat, easy to pull on design and will fit most feed bottles.

161925 Red
161937 White

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