Oster Blade

102076 SZ 05F
48264 SZ 50
805580 SZ 07F
871448 SZ 07
871461 SZ 10
871473 SZ 15
871485 SZ 30
871497 SZ 40

Oster Clipper

The Oster A5 Golden Single speed clipper is a heavy duty corded clipper which handles both general purpose and precision clipping on any coat type. The clipper runs at 2100 dbspm.

871424 A5 Single Speed
107797 A5 Two Speed

Clipper Spray


Oster Blade Care/ Wash

140818 532ml

Oster Kool Lube Spray

356839 400ml

Oster Oil

57873 118ml

Groom Professional Blade Wash


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