Milk Fever and Mastitis


A short term, sustained release bolus containing calcium. Intended for use in adult dairy cows, over 400 kg live weight, at calving. Use with applicator.

92955412 x 203g
727908Bolus Applicator

Aggers Pro Calcium

Aggers Pro Calcium oral drench is excellent in reducing the risk of milk fever.

723307 12 x 600ml

KRUUSE Cow-side Mastitis Strips

Early detection of sub-clinical mastitis is imperative to provide an overview of the overall incidence in the herd. KRUUSE Cow-side Mastitis Strips provide an easy and effective screening of LDG levels in milk.

620488Pack of 50

Teat Plugs HS

A pack of 10 H.S teat plugs which are to be used during dry cow therapy to dry off cows before calving. The teat plugs will prevent infection getting into the teat and will act as a plug until calving time. These teat plugs are vital in helping to prevent cows from getting mastitis.

372195Pack of 10

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