Feeding Equipment

Calf Teats

Supple and yet extremely strong calf teats.

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Calf Teat Pull Over

A rubber teat that can be pulled over the neck of a bottle.


Calf Bottle with Teat

Superstart 2.5L calf feeding bottle is a robust traditionally shaped bottle with the addition of a formed handle to make calf feeding easier.


Teat for Calf Bottle

Superstart rubber teats have a similar texture and ‘feel’ to calf bar feeders, to encourage easier transfer from the bottle to bar. Pack of 4 teats.


Calf Stomach Tube

The Superstart feeding bottle can be fitted with the stomach feeding tube for administering fluids to weak calves.


Calf Feeder 2.5L

A three speed milk feeder designed to enable quicker feeding.


Calf Drencher 2.5L

The speedy drencher is ideal for administering colostrum to new born calves.


Calf Feeder Bag Ritchey

This emergency feeder is a must have item to have around the farm. Administer emergency colostrum or glucose directly into the stomach of newly born calves. Comes complete with a zip up bag and stomach tube.


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