Calving Essentials

Caring for cattle, rearing calves and managing youngstock requires a vast range of products and solutions. Here at NVS we have all of the essentials required to help you every step of the way. We stock everything from heat detectors, calving aids, feeding equipment, drenchers and vaccinators to more specific healthcare products to both detect and prevent disorders such as Lameness, Ketosis, Mastitis and Milk Fever.

Calving Aids

Our range of quality birthing aids offers everything from ropes to lubricant, Iodine and hobbles to support when assistance is needed.

Heat Detection

Heatmount detectors will identify your cows in heat, increasing conception rates, reducing calving intervals and lowering insemination costs.

Feeding Equipment

Calf feeders are key to ensuring calves are receiving the milk and colostrum required to prosper.

Thermal Wrap & Calf Jackets

Our range of thermal wrap and jackets aim to keep young herds warm during the cold winter months, protecting them from hypothermia and harsh weather conditions.

Milk, Colostrum & Nutritional Support

Milk, Colostrum & Nutritional Support

We offer a wide range of milks and colostrum designed to give growing calves the best possible start to life. This highly nutritious feed provides energy, helps maintain body temperature and contains antibodies to enable newborns to fight disease.

Drenchers & Vaccinators

Our range of drenchers and vaccinators ensures the fast and effective administration of medication to livestock.


We offer a range of products to treat cattle suffering with the metabolic disorder Ketosis.

Milk Fever & Mastitis

We stock a range of products to both detect and prevent Mastitis and Milk Fever in cattle. Bovine mastitis is one of the most common diseases found in dairy cattle.

Young Stock

From dehorning wire to bull rings, halters and suckling spikes, we have everything you will need to handle and manage young stock.