This recall is being carried out to Practice Level

21st March 2019

Dear Customer

We would like to inform you about the following recall:

Le Vet Beheer, the manufacturers of Anaeastamine, is recalling the product as particles have been found in batches of Ketamine 100 mg/ml.  As the origin of these particles is unknown Le Vet Beheer has decided to recall all batches of Ketamine 100 mg/ml from the market and not to distribute new product, until the root cause has been found and resolved.

Anaeastamine M/Dose Injection100mg/ml 10mls & 50mls

Batch Number: – ALL Product Batches.

NVS Product Code – 787061 & 787073

Our traceability records indicate that you have purchased some of this product.

Please examine your stock immediately & quarantine the products


If you have any stock to return please contact Customer Services Department on 01782 771 111

Please DO NOT return the product via the normal returns procedure as it is a Schedule 2 Controlled Drug and requires special handling/transport procedures.


If you do not have any stock, please confirm by completing the form & return on fax number 01782 785136

If you require any further information please contact our Customer Service Department on 01782 771 111.

Kind regards

Andrew Duxbury

(Responsible Person)