Pet Dental

Pet parent’s awareness of the importance of oral health is ever growing, this being the result of the continued humanisation of our pets. We know the best defence against pet dental disease for pet parents is through regular check-ups and routine cleanings with their vet. However, where cost is a barrier, or as complementary treatment in addition to routine cleans, pet owners are looking to more functional and convenient based treats and products that serve to tackle their pet’s dental health.

Here at NVS we offer a range of complementary dental products to meet your customer needs from Dental Treats/Chews, Toothbrushes & Toothpaste, as well as other dental care products from leading brands in this sector. Click below to review a snapshot of some of the brands and products we stock, we have some great promotional offers to celebrate ‘Pet Dental Month’ and an opportunity to win some great prizes for your practice in our ‘Pet Smile’ Competition.


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