Owners to get kitten checklist

Owners to get kitten checklist
kitten checklist has been launched to provide prospective cat owners with guidelines on adopting or purchasing a kitten. The document was launched on 24 September by The Cat Group to help new owners choose the right kitten for them, and prepare accordingly for its arrival.


It is hoped the literature will help new owners find a happy, healthy kitten and avoid the heartache and potential costs involved with taking on a sick animal, or one frightened of people.

The checklist looks at how to identify signs of ill health, how to understand the kitten’s behaviour and how to determine how comfortable it is around people.

Dispel myths

Cat behaviourist Vicky Halls said: “Many people don’t understand that to become a good pet cat, kittens need positive interactions with people and need to get used to the human environment and lifestyle before they are about eight weeks old.

“This responsibility lies with the person who has bred the cat (either accidentally or purposefully), because these important things happen before the new owner even gets the kitten.

“Being happy around people is something that has to be developed in a kitten and will not happen naturally if that positive interaction between people and the kitten has not occurred at the right time. If this opportunity is missed, kittens may be fearful or nervous and never become confident interactive pets.”



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