Our Purchasing Insights Tool

Do you want to understand a little more about what is happening in your practice and analyse any trends to make more profit?

This purchasing analysis solution uses seven key product dimensions to give you essential management information with the goal to help you drive more revenue and make more profit.

Using NVS Indices, you can view purchasing summaries at manufacturer, product and product group level, identify purchasing trends and analyse the value and volume of your purchases.

NVS Indices also assists with net cost calculations and price setting.

Search for manufacturers, brands and product records
Search 2 (full windows version)
Shows products sorted by product group, also shows options to total by month to date, month, quarter and year, plus options for value and volume
Line by line data for month and year including growth rate, plus total figures at bottom of window

For more information or to get set up with our Purchasing Insights Tool contact our IT Support.