Our IT Solutions

National Veterinary Services (NVS), in partnership with VetIT, has a wide range of premium software products that may just offer a solution to your IT problems. 

In the cloud...

Whether you’re looking to optimise stock, increase retail sales, improve client engagement, benchmark yourselves against other practices or just be more organised, NVS has something for you.

All NVS technology products are housed in the ‘cloud’. Cloud computing relies on shared professionally-managed computing resources rather than having local servers. This means that our solutions are reliable, totally secure and easy to manage and use. No more expensive IT equipment purchases, complicated management processes, daily backups and security patches. All that is done for you.

our IT Products


Your customers are purchasing more from either online retailers or supermarkets. Why not use our FREE AVS WEBSHOP solution to reverse this trend?

Purchase analysis

Using INDICES enables practices to analyse their purchasing trends. Data can be downloaded for further analysis.

practice management system

VetIT is the most advanced practice management solution available. It’s much easier to move to a new system than you might think.

Online ordering

The NVS ONLINE website allows you to order direct from NVS. It includes easier searching, stock availability indicators and product images.

For more information regarding our IT Solutions contact our dedicated Team 

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