New RCVS Fellowship Board chairman announced

John Innes

John Innes is today (19 September) being announced as the new chairman of the RCVS Fellowship Board after he was elected to the position by his peers.

Prof Innes replaces Nick Bacon, who comes to the end of his three-year term.


Prof Innes’ responsibilities as fellowship chairman include making sure the fellowship progresses towards fulfilling its strategic goals, determining its ongoing strategy and objectives, and reporting to the RCVS Advancement of the Professions Committee on developments within the fellowship.

He will be formally welcomed at the RCVS Fellowship Day this Friday (20 September).


The election for fellowship chairman – the first such election held by the fellowship – took place in August this year, and all fellows of the RCVS were contacted by email or post and asked to cast a vote for their preferred candidate.

Four candidates stood for the position: Robert Huey, Prof Innes, Liz Mossop and Ian Ramsey.


The results of the election, in which 228 votes – representing 59% of the fellowship – were cast, were:

  • Dr Huey – 17% of votes
  • Prof Innes –33% of votes
  • Prof Mossop – 25% of votes
  • Prof Ramsey – 25% of votes



In-text: (Vet Times, 2019)

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