Nationwide Laboratories launch new COVID-19 Testing Service

One of the UK’s leading veterinary diagnostic laboratories, NWL (NationWide Laboratories), in partnership with FTS (Forensic Testing Service), are now able to offer fully validated Antigen PCR and Antibody testing for COVID-19.

A simple and easy to use collection service will provide businesses with convenience and peace of mind for staff health and well-being in these high-risk times.

The various tests available are:

  • Workplace surface testing
  • Employee testing
  • Pet testing

The RCVS Practice Standards Scheme (a voluntary initiative to accredit veterinary practices in the UK)  sets standards and carries  out regular assessments to aim to promote and maintain the highest standards of veterinary care – our testing packages can help to maintain vigilance of these standards. Dave Charvill, Director of Laboratories at NationWide Laboratories said: “It’s a challenge for businesses who need to protect their clients and safeguard their employees. Providing these services will ensure that employers are informed and if needs be take additional steps to mitigate the ongoing risks of the Covid 19 pandemic and continue to  provide the best care to their patients in this current climate”.

More information is available at or via email

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