Changes are being introduced to the way MSD product returns are managed from the 1st March 2021

Thank you for choosing to use NVS as your distribution partner for all your MSD Animal Health needs. We will be changing our process on MSD returns from the 1st March 2021 to support MSD’s returns policy.

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Please note that, effective 1st March 2021, MSD require that all products you wish to return are refused at the point of delivery.
We will help to facilitate this process for you and make it as easy as possible. When our driver arrives with your delivery they will bring in your MSD products first. Alongside your products they will provide you with the relevant returns paperwork. The MSD returns paperwork lists all of the products you are receiving that day. The paperwork will separate ambient products and refrigerated products so they are more easily identified.

Firstly, please be really careful when you are placing your orders to ensure you have selected the right products and entered the right quantities. We do receive a high number of returned products where mistakes have been made during the ordering process. With the new policy in mind this will slow you down, cause you unnecessary work and may prevent you from receiving a credit if you miss something. Dealing with a return at the point of delivery could also slow down our delivery drivers with the knock on effect of them arriving later than planned with the next delivery.

Secondly, please ensure that someone is available and able to prioritise checking your MSD paperwork against the products received to decide whether you will be keeping them. Any delays at this point could affect customers receiving the next delivery and that could mean your own delivery is later than expected. If there are products you do not require, please write the quantity in the associated box next to the product and a select a reason. If you want to give us any more detail please use the comments box to help us understand why they have been rejected.

Then simply print your name and contact number, sign and date the form and give it back to your driver along with the relevant products. Your driver will also sign the form to say they have accepted them.

To avoid any confusion during a busy delivery, we would encourage you to either take a photocopy or photograph of the form before your driver leaves, to keep a copy for your own records.
There are very few exceptions to the policy, but if you need advice please feel free to contact MSD Customer Services who will be able to discuss your circumstances. If you have any queries in relation to our process please contact NVS Customer Services.
Other products remain unaffected and will still be managed using the existing NVS returns process and policy.

We have provided a simple reference guide explaining the NVS and MSD returns processes. It can be pinned to a notice board or placed somewhere handy. See below for both returns policies.

MSD Customer Services: invoice, discount and account queries
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 08.00 – 19.00
Tel: 01908 685685 Option 3

MSD Finance: discounts, payments and statements
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 09.00 – 17.00
Tel: 01908 685685 Option 2

MSD Technical: technical advice, suspected adverse events and product quality
Opening Hours:Monday-Friday 09.00 – 17.00
Tel: 01908 685685 Option 1

NVS Customer Services – delivery enquires and returns process.

Opening Hours – Monday-Friday 08.00 – 18.00hrs
Tel: 01782 771111

Thank you for your choosing NVS as your distribution partner. We aim to provide a top-quality service and look forward to continuing to work with you during this transition.