Territory Manager – North East, Yorkshire and Humberside

What's your career to date?

Very varied until I joined the world of veterinary.  I began as part time receptionist after having my first son.  Gradually increased my hours and responsibilities over the years and ended up as a Practice Manager for 18 years. This was a great foundation for being a Territory Manager for NVS.

What is most important to you in your job?

Being happy. We spend a long time at work, I need to get on with the people I work with and feel appreciated in the job I do. So long as you can smile at the end of the day – it’s been a good day!

What’s the best thing about working in the veterinary industry?

The people. I meet a wide variety of people in this job from Farm Vets to Specialist Surgeons in high tech hospitals and the thing they all have in common is they genuinely care.  Plus, I cover Yorkshire where you can get the best cup of tea in the country.

How do you relax?

Walk my dog, ride my horse and if I can get away without cooking going out for a nice meal and a few glasses of red wine.  

What’s the best thing about working for National Veterinary Services?

The teamwork. Being on the sales team you spend a lot of time on the road by yourself but I never feel isolated.  We are very good as a team at talking to each other, celebrating, commiserating and having a good laugh.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

My family. We have two sons aged 19 & 21 who tower over us like giants. Amazingly after the toddler tantrums and teenage stropping they have turned out pretty well.

Describe yourself in three words

Happy, thoughtful & friendly