MDC Finger Toothbrushes

If you buy 6 MDC Smart Mini Finger Toothbrushes you will get 6 standard size Smart Finger Toothbrushes ABSOLUTELY FREE!

The MDC Reusable Smart Finger toothbrush is made of soft rubber, and fits over the index finger allowing gentle brushing and massage of the animal’s teeth and gums using precise pressure. Each pack contains a pair, the toothbrush has two types of raised bristle giving options for cleaning, brushing or massage. Unlike other brushes, the dexterity and ability to modify pressure makes this product suitable for both puppies and dogs to encourage brushing from an early age. MDC have also recently launched a Mini version of this suited to Kittens/Cats and Puppies.

Offer Available until 15th March 2019

NVS Code Product Description Price
295383 Smart Finger Toothbrush £1.91
922134 Smart Finger Toothbrush Mini £1.94