Take control of
your back orders

Do you ever receive a delivery and then think to yourself, “I don’t remember ordering this”, it’s usually followed by “that’s more paperwork I have to do to just to send it back!”

The reason for this happening is usually down to back orders, which are automatically shipped once the product is back in stock. When you can’t get hold of an item because it’s out of stock you can sit tight and wait for it to become available again or order an alternative item from us.

Whatever you choose to do in these situations, don’t forget to manage your back orders. This can save you time, by reducing the amount of paperwork you need to complete.

1. Request an NVS daily Customer Shortage Report
NVS can help you by providing a daily Customer Shortage Report. This report will help you identify the products you want to leave on back order and which ones you’d like us to remove. Many of our customers already have this set up and find it a fast and efficient way of quickly viewing back order products so they can cancel them if no longer needed or multiple orders have been placed. If you haven’t seen your Customer Shortage Report, please let us know and we can set it up for you.

2. If you have sourced an alternative product, ensure you cancel the original order
If you’ve sourced an alternative product, please cancel the back ordered item. It’ll avoid you having to send it back once it is back in stock again. You can do this by utilising your Customer Shortage Report and contacting our Orderline team on 01782 775555 or emailing us at order.line@nvs-ltd.co.uk and we will make the required changes for you.

3. If you decide to wait for a product to become available, then please make sure nobody else in your practice is also ordering the item
A common reason for back ordered products to arrive in multiples is different staff in a practice seeing it is out of stock and reordering without realising someone else already has.

4. Is your PMS (Practice Management System) automatically reordering?
Your PMS may have been set up to keep a certain amount of stock of a specific product on hand and automatically order it for you when you are out of stock. In some cases when something is on back order the PMS will automatically keep trying to reorder it. By adjusting automatic reordering thresholds in your PMS, you can avoid unnecessary returns.

To set up your shortage reports please contact our Orderline team on 01782 775555. If you need help or advice regarding stock management then please contact your NVS Territory Manager.

Let’s work together to help control your back orders. Building in a proactive back order check into your regular routine will help support a more sustainable process by reducing the movement of products, reducing paperwork and saving you time and resource within your practice.

To help you manage your backorders, here’s a handy checklist for you to follow.

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Here is an example of how our Customer Shortage Reports look (Click to enlarge):