A vaccine that protects piglets against the strains of Escherichia coli that lead to post-weaning diarrhoea (PWD) is available in a larger pack suitable to treat up to 200 piglets.

Elanco’s Coliprotec vaccine, which protects against the F4 and F18 strains of E coli, was previously available in packs for 50 treatments.

The product is administered via drinking water and provides an alternative to zinc oxide, which is still widely used.

Jack Fellows, Elanco swine sales leader, said: “With the potential zinc oxide restrictions coming into place next year, it’s crucial that vets work with their farmers to start trialling alternative PWD prevention strategies now, while the use of zinc is still permitted.

“Keeping PWD at bay going forward will require a multifaceted approach to piglet management. Gradually reducing the level of zinc oxide, while simultaneously incorporating alternative preventive techniques, will reduce the likelihood of problems arising during this transition.

“It’s far more convenient to have the vaccine in a 200-head dose, rather than the current pack size that offers 50 treatments. This will greatly cut down the time required to dilute and stabilise multiple individual packs, while helping to minimise any margin of error during administration.”

Credit to: Increased pack for Elanco pig vaccine (Vet Times)

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