How clean is your practice

Our environmental checks provide reassurance that you are meeting the required RCVS cleanliness standards.

Demonstrating that you have efficient cleaning protocols and are delivering your services in a
safe environment.

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The Select from NVS™ range of disinfectants provides ultimate support to assist with your cleaning protocols.

When addressing hygiene in practice we recommend following the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme which provides comprehensive guidance.

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Section 4.1 of the RCVS Practice Standard Scheme states: “The premises must be in good decoractive order, clean and well maintained so as to create an atmosphere of clinical cleanliness and efficiency. The premises must be free of offensive odours and kept in an orderly condition. Cleaning schedules must be produced on a regualr basis and be routinely audited”

How clean is your practice?

NationWide Laboratories is pleased to offer an environmental screening programme for your practice.

Screening of the practice environment, and potentially its personnel, is especially beneficial when used as part of an epidemiological investigation relating to recovery of a specific, often multi-drug resistant, or ‘uncommon’ bacterium from your patients: our microbiology laboratories monitor trends in the recovery of such organism and will provide help and guidance regarding this. 

Environmental screening can also be used to monitor the efficacy of your disinfection plan. The veterinary environment is not a sterile one and contamination with bacteria (opportunistic saprophytes as well as pathogens) is quite common.  Cleaning with disinfectants, whilst designed to reduce the risk of nosocomial  infection, is not guaranteed to deliver sterility. It is useful to have clear aims, a defined protocol, and specific actions based on the outcome of such testing, and again our microbiology team are happy to assist you with this.

Our Environmental Screening Package will provide you with the materials required to perform the sampling, pre-sampling adive, should you require it, about when, where and how to collect the samples, and a detailed report, providing you with information about the number and types of bacteria, yeasts and moulds recovered, and their relevance.

The comprehensive testing includes cultures for the following major groups of microorganism (but is not limited to those);

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Enterobacteriaceae and Enterococi: These bacteria can be used to assess general hygiene status. They originate from the gastrointestinel tract of man and other animals, as well as environment sources (including water, dead and decaying plant matter, etc.) They are generally readily removed from equipment and other surfaces through appropiate mechanical and chemical disinfection procedures. Their presence in high number can be an indicator of inadequate cleaning.

Clostridium and Bacillus spp: Both these groups of bacteria are spore-foaming, which can render them more resistant to disinfection. Isolation of these might suggest the disinfectant in use does not have adequate sporicidal properties.

Pseudomonadaceae: This family of bacteria, which includes Pseudomonadaceae spp., are widely found in environmental sources, and show a wide range of innate resistant to antibiotics. Like many bacteria and yeasts, they are highly capable of bioflim formation , in which state they are much more resistant to treatment thank planktonic bacteria.

Yeasts and Moulds: These fungal species are fairly ubiquitous. An appropriate disinfectant would ideally have fungicidal activity.

Staphylococci: Any Staphylococci recovered are routinely tested for meticillin resistance. The screening package includes identifying them as meticillin sensitive or resistant strains, including MRSA, MRSP and meticillin resistant coagulase-negative species 

At NationWide Laboratories we offer a screening programme where veterinary staff screen their practice every three months. We would suggest swabs are taken from crtical areas.

We supply a 10 swab package, with easy instructions, and pre-paid mailing supplies for return of these to the testing laboratory.

Our annual package attracts a significant discount.

We also provide a certificate showing that you participate in a scheme to check you are operating in a safe environment.

Additionally, we provide testing of staff members, largely MRSA screening. Please call for further details regarding the relevance and scope of this testing. Note that samples for this type of testing, while they need to be identifiable to you, need to be anonymised when sent to the laboratory.

For more information please contact 01253 899215

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