Here's something to digest!

Does your pet have tummy troubles or simply not taking to their new food? You can help their digestion with the Select from NVS™ Healthcare Digestive Paste. That’s what Beth did when her puppy Rosie had some problems with digestion. Beth went to her veterinary practice to get a diagnosis on Rosie and her veterinary practice prescribed some anti-biotics and our very own Digestive Paste.

Over the course of a few days, Rosie started to get better after she was given her course of antibiotics and 2ml of her digestive paste twice daily. Beth got in touch with NVS to let us know how well the digestive paste worked for her puppy. Therefore, we asked Beth a few questions on Rosie’s experience with the Digestive Paste.


How long did it take for the Digestive Paste to start taking effect?

Rosie started to show signs of getting better after the first 2 days of having the digestive paste and her anti-biotics. As we recently had Rosie, she had a change of food as the previous owner was not feeding her the correct diet, therefore we had to switch Rosie onto a new diet gradually. I believe the digestive paste helped Rosie to take to her new food.


Was it easy for you to administer the Digestive Paste?

Yes completely, you can adjust the ring on the syringe to ensure you are giving your pet the correct amount of the paste as advised by my vet. Rosie liked the flavour of the Digestive Paste, she even waited for more after I had given it to her.


If Rosie had tummy troubles again, would you use the digestive paste, if it was recommended by your vet?

Absolutely, Rosie loved the flavour of the paste which made it easier to give to her. It sorted her problems after just 2 days alongside the antibiotics. Now that Rosie has had her full course of antibiotics and her digestive paste, she is back to her normal puppy self!


Would you recommend our Digestive Paste to a friend?

I would 100% recommend this to a friend or family member for their pet as it has worked wonders for Rosie!


Select from NVS™ Healthcare Digestive Paste may be available from your veterinary practice today! Enquire with your vet to find out more.

Digestive Paste for Dogs