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Important Information 22nd September 2023

Controlled Drugs Requisition Forms

In order to remain compliant with the supply of Controlled Drugs, we have transferred our CD licence to the new premises. As of 31st October, we will only be able to process requests for controlled drugs that include our new address at Spitfire House and licence number.

Our new address is: National Veterinary Services, Spitfire House, Unit C250, Iron Place, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, ST1 5FG, United Kingdom

Requests showing the old licence number and Talke address cannot be legally processed.

To ensure a smooth transition, please download the Controlled Drugs Requisition Form by clicking here or use NVS Online which can create a bespoke prepopulated form for the items you require. Instructions on how to use NVS Online to create a CD order can be found here

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