Clinell Universal 200 (CW200) Product Recall Notice

During the unprecedented global demand of COVID-19 our main factory producing CW200 was at full capacity which meant GAMA Healthcare had to use other facilities to maintain supply.

GAMA Quality Control, has identified an issue relating to 5 batches of product in one of our smaller production facility produced last year in July.

Through routine testing GAMA identified our Clinell Universal CW200 product had been contaminated with low level naturally occurring bacteria (Burkholderia Cepacia).

As a result of this contamination GAMA Healthcare stopped production immediately and instigated a product recall for the 5 batches of Clinell Universal CW200 products that had been affected by this issue.

Although, very unlikely, these products will still be available for RECALL due to the Corona Virus Pandemic but GAMA Healthcare is initiating an immediate recall of the batches identified.

NVS Code: 875946  – Clinell Universal Wipes pack 200

BATCHES Include- UBV4033020A, 


(The LOT number is printed in black on the top edge of the pack, above the expiry date. For cartons, the Lot number is printed on a label on the side of the box).



What to do next – Please examine your stock immediately and take the following steps.