Chanelle Pharma expands its opioid family

Chanelle Pharma has introduced a 5ml bottle size of its Insistor 10mg/ml solution for injection for dogs and cats.

The new bottle expands on the company’s 360° opioid family and sits alongside the existing 10ml bottle.

Insistor contains the active ingredient methadone hydrochloride and is licensed for use as an analgesic, in pre-medication for general anaesthesia, or in neuroleptanalgesia when combined with a neuroleptic drug.


Chanelle said the smaller pack size allowed for greater flexibility and aligned with its sustainability initiative by reducing likelihood of product waste.

Chanelle Pharma’s product support manager Jonathan Moore said: “Many practitioners now recognise the patient benefits offered by methadone in a variety of clinical settings. Insistor 5ml adds even greater flexibility and sustainability to the already extensive sedative, analgesic, and anaesthetic product offerings from Chanelle.”

Credit to: Chanelle Pharma expands its opioid family (Vet Times)

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