Cevaprost added to cattle reproductive range

A range of reproductive products for cattle has been extended by Ceva Animal Health with the launch of Cevaprost.

Cevaprost solution for injection contains cloprostenol 0.250mg/ml as its active ingredient. It can help improve breeding success in reproduction protocols in cattle and has the following indications:

  • silent heat
  • ovarian luteal cysts
  • termination of pregnancy
  • induction of parturition
  • removal of mummified fetus
  • chronic endometritis (pyometra)
  • synchronisation of oestrus (within two to five days) in groups of cyclic females treated simultaneously


Ceva said the indications are equivalent to those of the leading racemic and single isomer cloprostenols available in the UK.

With a withdrawal period of one day for meat and no withdrawal period for milk, Cevaprost can be administered in single or repeated 2ml doses (equivalent to 0.5mg of cloprostenol) by IM injection.



Cevaprost is available in a 20ml colourless glass vial and in a multipack of 10 × 20ml vials.

Peter Keyte, ruminant business unit manager at Ceva Animal Health, said: “We are delighted to add Cevaprost to our extensive range of reprodAction products to provide vet and farmers with comprehensive cattle reproduction solutions, and improve breeding success in reproduction protocols.”


Cevaprost added to cattle reproductive range

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