Ceva Cat Expertise 2021 event coming in May

Ceva Animal health is hosting a digital event focusing exclusively on cats – Ceva Cat Expertise 2021.

The international half-day meeting is aimed at vets and VNs, and will feature the latest information on feline hypertension from a scientific as well as practice perspective, plus a review of opportunities and trends for cat-friendly clinics of the future.

It will also feature details from a cat behaviourist about how cats coped during the pandemic, a round table discussion and the story of 25 years of pheromone research, culminating in Ceva’s new Feliway Optimum.


The full programme includes:

  • Mercury Challenge – the largest study on feline hypertension – with Andy Sparkes. The latest news from the Mercury Challenge, the largest international study on feline hypertension with more than 10,200 cats.
  • Opportunities and trends for tomorrow – cat-friendly clinic – with Nathalie Dowgray.
  • 25 years of pheromone research – with Patrick Pageat. Be inspired by “The story of 25 years of pheromone research” and the science behind the new pheromone discovery – Feliway Optimum.
  • Pandemic reflections – how did our cats cope? – with Susanne Hellman Holmström.


Abigail King, senior behaviour product manager at Ceva Animal Health, said: “The Ceva Cat Expertise 2021 event is designed for the whole veterinary team, and will provide online delegates with comprehensive and up-to-date information on feline hypertension and behaviour, including hands-on tips that can be incorporated into day-to-day work in practice, as well as an overview of feline opportunities and trends for the future.”

Full details are available online.


Credit to: Ceva Cat Expertise 2021 event coming in May (Vet Times)

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