Adopting and Caring for Rescue Animals

Pets are incredible. But not all are treated equally. Some animals have a terrible start in life and the fortunes of others can take a turn for the worst. Many find themselves in rescue centres waiting to be placed in a new home.

Adopting one of these pets can be hugely rewarding. You’ll not only develop a close bond but witness them grow in confidence and happiness. There are thousands of dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals looking for a fresh start in life. And you could be their new best friend.

Read the Guide from DirectLine

  • Myths and facts about rescue animals and why it’s often better to adopt, rather than buy from a breeder or pet shop.
  • The benefits of owning a pet, such as better physical health and improved happiness. It’s also great for teaching children about responsibility.
  • Important financial considerations before adopting, such as the cost of food, toys and pet insurance – 69% of dog owners and 96% of cat owners underestimated the cost of their pets.
  • The process of adopting an animal, and how best to care for your pet once you’ve given it a new home.

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