Our IT Solutions

National Veterinary Services has a wide range of premium veterinary software products for our customers to make life easier when running a practice.

Each solution is designed to deliver the very best service to your clients while driving real bottom-line benefits for your business.

All of our IT products are housed in the ‘cloud’, this means that our solutions are reliable, totally secure and easy to manage and use. No more expensive IT equipment purchases, complicated management processes, daily backups and security patches.

Read more about our IT Solutions from NVS below.

For more information on our IT Solutions please contact our dedicated team:

Tel: 01782 771122

Email: it.support@nvs-ltd.co.uk

Not an NVS customer? No problem.

We also have a portfolio of IT solutions available to all practices, regardless of whether you work with NVS or not. Through our partnership with our team at VetIT we deliver innovative solutions to veterinary practices’ technology needs. If IT is causing your practice headaches then give our team at VetIT a call and visit their website on www.vetit.co.uk for more information.

Tel: 0345 222 6324

Email: info@vetit.co.uk


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