Medivet Saving the Rhino’s Client Donation Portal Smashes £400,000 Milestone

Medivet Saving the Rhino’s Client Donation Portal Smashes £400,000 Milestone

Medivet has thanked its clients for their overwhelming generosity in support of the Wilderness Foundation Africa’s* Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative.  Donations made by clients using the Pennies** portal installed in Medivet’s practices not only reached, but exceeded the £400,000 mark, standing at £414,000 by the end of January. This brings the total amount raised by Medivet Saving the Rhino to more than £550,000 since the project’s inception in 2015.  The additional monies have been raised through staff and supplier donations and a variety of staff fund-raising initiatives.


The funds have played a key role in helping to protect the rhino, which is being driven close to extinction by poachers in response to rocketing demand for rhino horn in some Asian countries.  Last month, five alleged rhino poachers were arrested and charged shortly after a rhino was discovered dead, with its horns hacked off, in an Eastern Cape, South Africa game reserve.  Medivet-funded resources and equipment were immediately deployed to the crime scene to help secure vital evidence that now becomes critical to the investigation and judicial process.


The funds have also enabled Wilderness Foundation Africa to deploy two cold scent tracker dogs to work with anti-poaching units in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.  The dogs, Ella (a Bloodhound-Doberman crossbreed, and Ziggy, a Bloodhound), are deployed to poaching scenes and can follow poachers’ tracks and find evidence which can later be used in court to support prosecutions.


Medivet launched its Saving the Rhino campaign in 2015 in partnership with Wilderness Foundation Africa, which is part of a global alliance of charities that aims to protect and connect wilderness, wildlife and people.  In South Africa, the Medivet-supported efforts to reduce poaching are co-ordinated by Dr William Fowlds, a former Medivet employee.  Medivet clients are offered the opportunity to add 50 pence to their veterinary bill to support the campaign using the Pennies** digital charity box.


Commenting on reaching the £400,000 milestone, Dr John Smithers, Senior Partner and Project     Co-ordinator for Medivet Saving the Rhino, said: “The survival of this iconic species hangs by a thread and we were saddened to hear of the death of yet another rhino at the hands of poachers on the last day of 2018. I was in South Africa at the time and was called by Dr William Fowlds to assist him in the post-mortem examination of this once-magnificent black rhino bull.  As you can imagine, it was a gruesome task.  We take comfort from knowing that the police were able to apprehend the alleged culprits quickly, and that they are facing the full force of the law.


“As these arrests show, those fighting the war on poaching in Africa are making real progress and it is progress which our clients, through their generosity, are now partners in bringing about.  We are grateful to them, and indeed to our staff and suppliers and to everyone else who has supported our campaign.  We are looking forward to another year of working to protect this wonderful animal and to securing it a safe future, freed from the scourge of poaching.”

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Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) – National Veterinary Services (NVS)

 Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) – National Veterinary Services (NVS)

February 2019


The objective of the FMD legislation is to remove false or unauthenticated medicines from the supply chain, thus ensuring that only safe, genuine medicines are prescribed and administered to the end user.

To do this, FMD requires that Human Prescription only Medicines (POMs) include two safety features:

  • A Unique Identifier (UI) – A 2D barcode that NVS will scan at point of receipt. Our system will check the details of the product scanned against the National Medicines Verification System’s register to verify that the product is authentic.
  • An Anti-Tampering Device (ATD) – It does what it says on the tin: it indicates to our FMD Team if a product has been tampered with.

The legislation will apply in UK law from 9 February 2019.  Products will slowly start appearing with these additional safety features.  As there will be a large quantity of products produced before 9 February, manufacturers do have some dispensation so there will be a transitional period which means that it may take some time before all product in the supply chain is fully compliant.

What will you have to do?

NVS is fully compliant, so you will see NO EFFECT on the Supply, Ordering or Delivery of the Human POMs that you require.

Returning a Product

Please ensure that the Anti-Tampering Device (ATD) is intact if you need to return a product.  NVS will not be able to process the return of Human POMs where the ATD has been broken/tampered with.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Andrew Duxbury (Responsible Person)


National Veterinary Services

Unit 4, Jamage Industrial Estate

Stoke on Trent




Product Recall Please Read

4th February 2019

Dear Customer,
Hill’s is recalling the product Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine z/d please see the details below. This recall has been requested by the manufacturer see the letter attached dated 31st January 2019.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine z/d
Batch Number: – 10 2020 T17
NVS Product Code – 192028

Our traceability records indicate that you have received some of this product.

Please examine your stock immediately & quarantine the product.
Then return the completed form with any stock via the normal returns procedure to NVS. If you do not have any stock, please confirm by completing the form & return on fax number 01782 785136

If you require any further information please contact our Customer Service Department on 01782 771 111.

Kind regards
Andrew Duxbury
(Responsible Person)