Royal Canin warns pet owners to be aware of the hidden dangers this Christmas

Royal Canin warns pet owners to be aware of the hidden dangers this Christmas

With the Christmas season upon us, Royal Canin is reminding veterinary professionals to make pet owners aware of the lesser known dangers this time of year can present.

Most pet owners know the dangers of chocolate, but many don’t know that the artificial sweetener Xylitol, commonly used in cakes, sweets and biscuits, is also toxic to animals. Festive treats such as Christmas cake and mince pies can also pose a huge problem. Grapes and sultanas are highly toxic to dogs and cats, including dried versions. Reports have shown as little as four to five grapes can be fatal in dogs, causing kidney failure.

John O’Connor, Veterinary Marketing Manager at Royal Canin, said: “Christmas is often the season pet owners choose to indulge the whole family, and this includes their animals. Recent research* showed that half of 19-38 year olds said they would rather cut back on spending on themselves than their pets and two out of five spending as much on their pets as they would for a friend this Christmas.

With so many animal lovers in the UK, it is important to remind pet owners the dangers of overindulging their pets with human treats and also too much food.

John continues: “Giving pets human treats is often more harmful than many owners think, with many shocked by the calorie conversion for animals. For example, a tin of tuna is the equivalent of three doughnuts for a dog, and feeding a cat a piece of cheese is the equivalent in calories as a shocking six doughnuts!”

ROYAL CANIN® runs an Approved Weight Management Centre programme to acknowledge a number of veterinary practices across the UK for managing overweight or obese cats and dogs, educating clients on prevention.  For more information about the Approved Weight Management Centre initiative, please contact the ROYAL CANIN® Weight Management Team on


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Medivet Unveils Plans to Offer Greater Support for Students on EMS Placements

Medivet Unveils Plans to Offer Greater Support for Students on EMS Placements

Medivet has today unveiled a new Extra Mural Studies (EMS) programme for veterinary students.

The company has created more than 50 ‘EMS Champion Clinics’, each of which has demonstrated a commitment to training and offers the breadth of work to be of most value to EMS placement students.  Support for students will be led by a designated ’EMS Champion’ in each Champion Clinic.  Acting as a mentor, they will meet with each student at the start of their placement to introduce them to the practice and agree their learning objectives.  They will then meet with them regularly during their placement to monitor their progress and provide feedback and support.

Commenting on the launch of the EMS Champion Clinic programme, Medivet Senior Partner, Head of Vet Development and Future Vet Recruitment, Dr Daniel Preter said: “We currently welcome around 150 EMS students annually and the number is increasing every year.  We aim to make their time with us as useful and meaningful as possible and, as importantly, we want them to feel guided and cared for throughout their EMS journey.

“We consulted the Association of Veterinary Students (AVS) in the development of our EMS Champion Clinic programme and have heeded its recent call for practices to formalise the structure of placements in order to provide more consistency and support.  We believe our new programme will provide our students with the structure to ensure that they experience safe and productive learning during their time with us.”

Mr David Charles, President of the AVS, said:  “While students and recent graduates always speak highly of the benefits of EMS, we’re aware that some of them face problems because the experience can vary from placement to placement. The fact that Medivet is dedicating time and resources into its new EMS Champion Clinic programme shows a real commitment to this aspect of veterinary student training.  It will benefit a huge number of current and future students on their EMS placements.”

Mr Ben Haythornthwaite, a recent EMS student with Medivet, said: “I learned so much during my EMS placement with Medivet and it was enjoyable at the same time. Vet students can be apprehensive before starting a placement because we’re not always fully briefed on what’s expected of us, so I think the appointment of an EMS Champion in the practice, who will offer support pre-, during and post-placement, is a useful initiative. It will ensure that future students get even more out of their time at Medivet.”

Medivet’s HR Director, Mr James Dickens added: “This new programme forms part of our wider HR Strategy to make Medivet a great place to work. We can offer students a fantastic career path in both clinical and non-clinical roles while offering industry leading training and development.”

Medivet is a veterinary-led group of more than 280 branches and 15 fully staffed 24-hour veterinary centres and hospitals across the UK. Underpinned by its partnership ethos, it is forging a national community of passionate vets, offering exceptional veterinary care to patients all under one roof.